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Buy Load Send Load Send a Text Message Address Book Sim Cards

Type in your recipient's information and load amount/type. Click roaming if the target cell phone is outside of the Philippines. video 1.28 MB
After your first order, you can click on Address book links and select a name, to send load faster. video 226 kb
Either after a purchase or after logging in, click on the Send load, you'll see this page. Input your recipient's information.In this example, we'll send 200 pesos Globe load to My Friend. Please note you must send minutes in amounts allowable by the companies. More info to come.
Your request will be entered into our system here and you will wait for a confirmation that the recipient has actually gotten the load.
When you click on History (video 205 kb) you'll see the disbursements you ordered and their send status. Load should be delivered in an average of ten minutes. If you have a problem or need expedited service, see the About page for phone numbers to call.
When your request has been filled, you will see "Yes" in the sent yet column. Confirm with your recipient if you like. We will be honest here.
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