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First, Prove you are not inside the Philippines trying to buy load. You will get a code on your cell phone, or you can request a call. This is a one time 2.6Mb
After you have submitted your authorization code, you can purchase load video 1.49MB
In this example, we'll buy 300 pesos load. Click on the Paypal link. If you have trouble with Paypal, contact us for an alternate processor.
Choose how much load you want to buy. Buying load does not send load. It is like money in the bank. You can choose to send your load at any time in the future, so it probably is better to buy a large batch of load then distribute to your friends/family when you want to.
At this point, you will pay for the load. Credit and debit cards are accepted, Click Continue near Don't have a Paypal Account if you want to use a credit card.
Fill out your credit card information or pay with your Paypal account
This graphic indicates a successful purchase. After paying to add load to your account, you should be redirected back to this website (Click return to merchant in Paypal) and your load account should be updated.
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